The service is owned by the Yksityisyrittäjäin Säätiö foundation and maintained by the Economy and youth TAT. The service includes information on the entrepreneurship education actors and education and training personnel who have signed up for the service. The register’s information is used to search for and utilise entrepreneurship education methods, materials and experiments (search and browse) and to share and disseminate them (user-generated and shared content).

Collected information

Economy and youth TAT collects information upon registration to the Tralla service. The register stores the following information, provided by teachers, principals or other entrepreneurship education operators (hereinafter referred to as “the users”) who register for the service using an electronic registration form:

First name (optional)
Last name (optional)
User ID
Educational institution/organisation
Place of residence
User photo (optional)
Occupation (optional)
Introductory text (optional)
Favourites (optional)
Followed users (optional)

Registered user as a content producer

A user registered in the service can add their own entrepreneurship education materials, methods and descriptions of their teaching experiments to the service. The user may only add content to the service for which they have copyright and photo permits. The user is also responsible for updating and editing their content.

If the user uploads images to the product card, they must ensure that they have written permission to publish the photo on a third-party service from the persons who may appear in the image. For children under 18 years of age, permission to use images must be obtained from the parents/legal guardian of the child/children. The user must own the copyright to the material they download.

The service administrators moderate, that is, supervise the content. Any unethical or offensive content that degrade the service quality is removed without further notice.

Disclosure of data

The Tralla service displays the user’s information that the user has provided during registration in the user’s public profile.

Yksityisyrittäjäin Säätiö foundation or the Economy and youth TAT can add user information to their newsletter mailing lists. At the end of each newsletter there is a link to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Yksityisyrittäjäin Säätiö foundation or the Economy and youth TAT do not disclose information to third party actors.

The information is not disclosed outside the European Union or the European Economic Area without specific permission.

Registry security

Only employees of the Yksityisyrittäjäin Säätiö foundation or the Economy and youth TAT or organisations acting on their behalf have the right to maintain the information in the register. The Tralla service is secure and can only be accessed by designated users with personal usernames and passwords.

Right of inspection

The user can check the data stored about them and ask to correct it. Requests for correction can be sent to info[at]

The user can terminate their profile in the service at any time by giving notice using the Tralla service contact form or at info[at]  After receiving the notification, the user’s information and the contents added by them is deleted from the register. The user can also request that the content they have added be transferred to another user.

Contact information

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